About Us

Giving gifts during the festival to loved ones, families and friends is a custom to keep the bond and relationships flourishing in Chinese cultures. JinYeYe began to develop the gift-giving market since 2008, uphold the spirit of innovation and creativity and provide high-quality products until today.

At the beginning, JinYeYe was started as a seasonal cookies retailer to convey joyful of spring and blessings. In year 2010, JinYeYe successfully transformed to become a CNY hamper specialist to help customers sharing the joy, love, and happiness to families and friends. In order to meet the demand of the market, JinYeYe also launching a series of creative, unique and elegant gift solution that suitable for various circles of society in recent years.

JinYeYe selected a variety of daily health products, making combination of healthy and gift together, so that everyone can send out the health through gift-giving!

Brand Story

The CNY New Year gift basket is a unique culture in Malaysia. Since its inception, Jin Ye Ye has been breaking the traditional gift model and creating surprises for the recipients in the most creative way! Jin Ye Ye is keen to promote a good gift-giving culture and hopes to convey the gratitude of people through gifts. Jin Ye Ye carefully selects a variety of daily health products, and skilfully combines health and gift giving, so that everyone can give health to each other while giving gifts!

Jin Ye Ye took the god of wealth, and his face was full of smiles, symbolizing the endless luck and good luck. Each CNY hamper and gift contains a variety of good luck and good wishes, representing the sincere wishes of the gift giver. With the constant changes of the times, Jin Ye Ye strives to improve product quality, reform the brand new image of the CNY hamper and gift, create a unique CNY gifts brand that caters to the trend, and adhere to and inherit the traditional giftgiving culture.

Awards & Accolades