Feranttino Red Wine Summer Collection Gift Set (500ml x 2)


  • Feranttino Italian Red Wine 2x500ml
  • Feranttino Limited Edition Gift Box 1pc

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  • Optimal Geographic Location

Veneto is one of the most renowned wine-producing regions in Italy. Veneto surrounded by beautiful scenery with a warm and temperate climate which is ideal for grape-growing.

  • When Art and Wine Collide

To better express Merlot’s original flavour and regional characteristics, the vineyard minimizes the intervention of vine growth, such as pruning, bunch removal, taking utmost care of each planted Merlot in the vineyard.

  • Taste of Aroma

This wine’s colour is dark and intense, the palate is fruity and fragrant, with smooth entrance and rich layering. Merlot is perfectly fermented to achieve the best alcohol content of 12.5%.