J02 JYNNS YOUFINITY Premium Golden Bird’s Nest 金氏金丝冻龄燕盏


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JYNNS YOUFINITY Bird’s Nest is produced by wild golden edible bird nest, which is harvested from one of the best managed edible bird’s nest caves in the world “Gomantong Cave”, Sarawak. The wild bird nests are rare due to the limited harvested quantity. It contains a rich natural nutrition, high mineral, Sialic acid, and protein. It’s easily absorbed by human body, also able to moisten body fluids, excellent for beauty complexion, nourishes the lungs, gastral, and kidneys.

金氏金丝冻龄燕是使用野生金丝燕窝制造,采自世界顶级燕窝生产地之一“砂拉越的哥曼洞”。其燕窝产量稀少,并含丰富的天然营养,高矿物质,燕窝酸和蛋白质,容易被人体吸收,并具有滋阴,润燥,美颜, 健肺, 胃及肾之功效

*免浸,免拣,免炖,方便食用,蛋香味, 口感佳