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JYNNS Bei Qi Nourishing Soup 90g


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Dangshen and Beiqi are both traditional Chinese medicines for toning qi and strengthening spleen and stomach. They are often used together to enhance qi and spleen and improve the body’s resistance.


Toning qi and replenish blood, strengthen immune system


Bei Qi, Codonopsis, Huai Shan, Yuan Rou, Qi Zi, Dates


Suggested cooking method:

Ingredients: Pork Ribs 300g

Seasoning: Salt

Cooking steps:

  1. Chop ribs into pieces, soak for half an hour
  2. Wash and drain the water, blanching and washing for use
  3. Wash all the materials and set aside for use
  4. Add water into a pot, put in all the ingredients and herbs
  5. Cover it with a saucepan and boil it, then turn to low heat and simmer
  6. Tonify Qi and Replenish Blood, Strengthen Immune SystemTonify Qi and Replenish Blood, Strengthen Immune SystemSimmering for about 1.5 hours, add salt and serve


Suitable for people with insufficient blood and poor resistance

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