JYNNS Bird’s Nest Beverage 金氏燕窝饮

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  • It’s JYNNS Bird’s Nest Beverage has pleasant taste and texture with high nutritional value. It helps to nourish “yin” and lungs, and promote stronger immunity. Suitable to be consumed by everyone.

How To Use:

  • Keep in a cool and dry place. Once bottle is opened, keep refrigerated and consume it within 12 hours.
  • This is a natural product. No preservative, artificial colouring is added. Shake well before drink.
  • 金氏燕窝饮其口味独特,营养丰富,口感极佳。此饮料可滋阴润肺,提升免疫力功能。适合各年龄群饮用。


  • 开瓶后需冷藏,并于12小时内饮用。 请存放于阴凉干燥处。
  • 此天然产品无添加防腐剂,人造色素和。饮用前请摇匀


Bird‘s Nest Flavor

Bird’s Nest Beverage(Honey Osmanthus), Bird’s Nest Beverage(Collagen), Bird’s Nest Beverage(Red Date Longan), Bird’s Nest Beverage(Aloe Vera)