JYNNS Natural Super Wild Royal Honey 515ml


  • Anti-inflammation and bacteria
  • Increase wound healing
  • Prevent Cardiovascular disease
  • Improve brain power, memory
  • Nourish skin, slow down ageing process

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JYNNS Natural Wild Royal Honey is harvested from the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia- Gunung Tahan with an altitude of 2187 meters above sea level. Gunung Tahan holds a natural, unpolluted ecosystem with a diverse variety of honey plants which provides a superior environment for nectar collection by wild bees.

It has high level of purity, rich in active enzyme and antioxidant which are useful in boosting metabolism. It’s also rich in decanoic acid which aids in wound healing and tissue regeneration.



Wild royal honey

Direction to use

1. Pour 300ml of plain water
2. Add 30gm of Natural Wild Royal Honey
3. Stir well & serve