JYNNS Veggie Lover Power Oatcrunch


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JYNNS Veggie Lover Power Oatcrunch is freshly made from 100% Australian natural oatmeal and 3 great super veggies! A perfect mixture of beetroot, purple sweet potato, pumpkin and oats lightly tossed in a Gula Melaka, then baked into golden-brown perfection, it’s a fibre-rich and flavorful classic granola that will satisfy your taste buds and fulfil your daily nutrient needs!


How to consume JYNNS Power Oatcrunch:

  1. Enjoy it with milk, as a regular breakfast cereal!
  2. As a crunchy topping (yoghurt, smoothies, ice cream & etc)
  3. As a healthy snack on its own


Oat, Beetroot, Purple Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Gula Melaka, Salt, Brown Sugar, Maltose.

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